Zielgruppe Betroffene, Angehörige, Laien
Veranstaltungsart Workshop/Seminar
einmalig Anfang: 23.08.2017 00:00 Uhr ganztägig  
  Ende: 26.08.2017 00:00 Uhr  
Titel Veranstaltung Emotionsfokussierten Familientherapie für Essstörungen
Inhalt In this workshop, aimed at all professionals working with individual clients, caregivers and or families, Dr. Joanne Dolhanty will present the core principle of Emotion Focused Family Therapy, whilst also providing ample opportunities for experiential learning geared toward practice change. Part of Emotion-Focused Family Therapy is rooted in a deep belief in the healing power of families, EFFT affords parents and caregivers a primary role in their loved one’s treatment, regardless of age, motivation or involvement in treatment. In EFFT, the therapist’s role is to empower and support caregivers. The key concepts of this training are: 1) Becoming their loved one’s recovery coach, that is, assisting their loved ones – regardless of age – in the interruption of symptom and maladaptive behaviors (e.g. anxiety, depression, eating disorders) 2) Becoming their loved one’s emotion coach, that is, supporting their loved one to approach, process and manage stress, emotions and emotional pain 3) Facilitating relationship repair and healing possible wounds from the child or family’s past, and 4) Working trough and resolving the fears and obstacles that surface in the caregiver during this challenging journey...
Veranstalter das Institut für Emotinsfokussierte Therapie in Bern
Hauptsprache englisch
Veranstaltungsort Aki
Strasse, Nr. Alpeneggstrasse 5,
Land Schweiz
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